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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Guide to Reynolds Lake Oconee

A Look at the Lake Oconee Real Estate Market

Before we dive into our best Lake Oconee real estate investing tips, let's take a look at where the local housing market is at today. In 2023, buyer interest ramped up around the lake, which also led to an increase in home prices. This trend wasn't unexpected, as 2022 saw much of the same patterns. 

The most in-demand homes continue to be lakefront properties, followed closely by lake access homes and more economically-priced starter homes located just off the water. While fluctuating interest rates and economic uncertainty caused the average sale price to lower in other parts of the state, the opposite held true here. 

Around the lake, those numbers rose, driven by an incredible demand that outpaced inventory. As a result, buyers continue to watch closely for any new home listings advertised. 

With so much competition, it can be disheartening to begin your search. You might wonder if any homes fit your personal needs and financial requirements, and how to enter the race once you do find the right property. 

The key lies in knowing how to proceed, following the proper steps, and having the right resources by your side. Let's take a look at how to invest in Reynolds Lake Oconee!

Why Invest in Reynolds Lake Oconee?

There are a number of exclusive, high-end communities located all around Lake Oconee. With so many options to explore, you might wonder why Reynolds Lake Oconee should rank high on your list. 

In short, this is one community that has it all. With so much to see and do at your fingertips, you'll never want to leave! We teased these incredible amenities earlier, but let's take a closer look at everything you can enjoy when you call this beautiful spot home:

  • Six championship golf courses (plus one more on the way!)
  • 374 miles of gorgeous shoreline
  • State-of-the-art, 100-acre Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds
  • Four full-service marinas
  • Wellness activities
  • Culinary amenities
  • 11 award-winning restaurants
  • 21 miles of walking and biking trails
  • More than 300 diverse clubs (e.g. Lake Oconee Anglers, The Reynolds Chorus, Reynolds Veterans Association)
  • Members-only golf tournaments
  • Access to art and culture programs
  • Regular social events and family activities
  • Fitness activities and holistic experiences 
  • Sports tournaments 

You'll get to experience all of this, plus waterfront access right outside your front door. Whether your idea of a great lake day is hopping on a Jet Ski and exploring your surroundings or simply sitting on the beach with a good book and something cold to drink, you'll always be covered. 

Where to Begin: Connect With a Realtor

If you're interested in buying Lake Oconee real estate, your first step should be to connect with a knowledgeable and experienced local real estate agent. This professional will be able to assist you in every aspect of your home search, offering insider insight, connections, and tips along the way. 

When it's time to begin the administrative portion of your search, they'll also prove to be an invaluable help. Your real estate agent can organize your meetings, file paperwork, and manage transactions so you don't have to stress about those procedures. 

New listings at Reynolds Lake Oconee don't tend to last long once they hit the market. This is because many buyers wish to live near the awe-inspiring environment and energetic atmosphere! Working with an agent who is also a member of the Reynolds Lake Oconee community gives you a head start and allows you to make a move as soon as you find a property that interests you. 

Some of the benefits of partnering with an agent include: 

  • Help finding local, qualified lenders
  • Assistance with legal aspects of buying a lakefront home
  • Guidance through the real estate search process
  • Connections to pre-listed homes from sellers and brokers
  • A voice of support and advocacy as you place an offer
  • Assistance with every step of the closing process 

If you're looking for a real estate expert in the Lake Oconee area, Jennifer Vaughan Realtor with Ansley Real Estate Christie's International is the ideal place to start.  Jennifer and her team of real estate professionals are closely connected to the lake and can help you find and secure your dream property. 

Not only do we have specialized knowledge of the local market, but we're also skilled in luxury property transactions. We understand the steps involved in purchasing one of these highly desirable homes, and we can navigate the complexities with ease. You can learn more about our team on our website!

To get in touch with us, you can complete our online contact form or call our office. We'll help you set up an initial meeting so we can learn more about your needs and vision before moving forward. 

Understand Your Needs

Once you've found a real estate agent you can trust, your next step is to understand the type of home you'd like to invest in at Reynolds Lake Oconee. The second part of working with us is allowing us to ask you a few questions!

We'll meet with you to determine what you're looking for in a Lake Oconee property, show you the ammenities only members of Reynolds Lake Oconee have access to and help you narrow down your search for your dream home.  When you invest at Reynolds Lake Oconee, there's something for everyone. 

This unique community offers properties at a range of price points, with different levels of amenities. Five signature home builders work exclusively for the club, each offering their own special designs and craftsmanship. Combined, they can work off 12 different signature building plans, so you're sure to have an exterior and interior layout that appeals to you or you can look at a custom home or resale within the community.

Let's take a look at some of the different options you can consider. 

Golf Course Homes

If you love to hit the links, your dream investment property might be directly situated on one of Reynolds Lake Oconee's private golf courses. These homes feature beautiful views of the sweeping fairways and bright, pristine greens. 

In all, 117 holes wind their way through rolling hills and sprawling pine trees. When you live near them, all you have to do is wake up and walk a few steps to play a round!

Lakefront Homes

If you're eyeing Lake Oconee properties for their stunning water views, then a lakefront home might be more your style. When you live by the water, you're close to everything this slice of paradise has to offer, from adrenaline-pumping watersports to lounging on the beach and a world reknowned Ritz Carlton Hotel that gives Reynolds members exclusive access.  

Reynolds Lake Oconee offers two distinct types of lakefront properties: ones with panoramic water views and ones that are more tucked away into intimate cove settings. No matter which one you choose, you can enjoy easy access to the lake and a daily sense of calm.

Lake Access Homes

Lake access homes offer the same amenities and features as lakefront properties but may come with a slightly more affordable price point. These homes are located just steps from the shores, and they're stocked with everything you need to live big on the water. 

From well-kept common areas to personal dock slips, you'll be ready to relax, soak in the views, and invite your loved ones over to make use of your personal oasis. 


Do you dream of building a home of your own from the ground up? If new construction piques your interest, then your realtor can help you find the perfect homesite within Reynolds Lake Oconee. Then, they'll connect you with a local builder so you can begin crafting your dream retreat from scratch.

Recently, new homesites became available in several locations across the community, including:

  • Richland Pointe Village
  • Richland Pointe
  • The Homesteads

If you want easy access to top-of-the-line amenities, fine dining, and retail therapy, then Richland Pointe Village is a great place to start. This 35-acre walkable neighborhood is situated on the eastern lakeshore, boasting features that include:

  • Beautiful personal residences
  • Club amenities
  • The community's newest fitness and wellness facility 
  • Family pool complex
  • Lakefront restaurant

Some of the properties at the Pointe offer lakefront access, some are cottages, and some sit on the top of the hill, offering sweeping views of both the village and the lake. Note that as of right now, these ammenities are only available to individuals who are members of Reynolds Lake Oconee. If you're interested in becoming a property owner and member, we can assist you in the process!

Just steps away from Richland Pointe Village is the similarly named Richland Pointe. The community is developing new homesites here on a regular basis, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy all that the Pointe has to offer, as well as access to the nearby Tom Fazio golf course. If you're interested in learning more about homesites as they become available, as well as upcoming releases, your real estate agent can monitor those details for you. 

Finally, you may also consider building a new home at the community's up-and-coming development, The Homesteads. This is a 1,300 oasis that offers a little more space and privacy for homeowners. Located close to the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds and across the lake from the esteemed Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee Hotel, The Homesteads is an intimate enclave that features only a select number of estate homesites to keep properties spacious. 

Wooded Homes

While open spaces and waterfront properties appeal to many buyers, others prefer the privacy and coziness that a wooded lot affords. If this speaks to you, then you'll want to explore the community's wooded homes!

These custom-built homes integrate seamlessly into the sprawling landscape, sitting amid groves of Georgia pines, oaks, and flowering dogwoods. You can watch the seasons change right before your eyes, tucked within the blooms and branches, then head to the water when you're ready for a change. 

New Releases

While some stately homes around Reynolds Lake Oconee have been there for decades, others are brand-new or still in the works. If you're looking for a property that combines a sense of establishment with a modern look and feel, then ask your realtor to tour some of the community's new releases!

No matter where you choose to live at Reynolds Lake Oconee, you can enjoy unparalleled access to everything the lake offers, from outdoor activities like camping and hiking to local retail opportunities, fine dining, outdoor entertainment, and more.

Talk to your real estate agent about your list of must-have features as well as your dream amenities. It's also important to share your budget, so they know which properties to limit your search to. They can use these insights to narrow your selection down to just the properties that fit your needs.

Take a Tour

When you've narrowed down your list of options to only those that work with your requirements, it's time to take a look at the type of home you might invest in. Your agent can help you arrange a private showing of these properties.

In addition to viewing specific homes for sale, you can also take a look at the community's model homes and signature homes. Here's a quick explanation of how these homes differ.

Model Homes

The model homes at Reynolds Lake Oconee are located in Richmond Pointe, the newest development in the community. Not only do they boast premium fixtures and incredible lots, but they're also just steps away from all the award-winning amenities that nearby Richard Point Village has to offer. 

As soon as you step inside, you'll notice that each model home showcases the designers' innovative design perspective. The interiors and exteriors are fresh and modern, lending an upscale, contemporary appeal. Take your time and walk around the ones that interest you, taking note of the features that catch your eye. 

Reynolds Lake Oconee offers single-day model home passes so you can explore to your heart's desire. If you find one you love, you can speak to your real estate agent about replicating it onto a homesite in your dream location around the lake. 

Signature Homes

Signature homes at Reynolds Lake Oconee are built from the ground up. If you bring your vision to the design team, they can come up with the perfect plan. 

If you want to go this route, you can view the community's exclusive portfolio of home designs. Once you find one that fits your exact needs, you can work with their designers to customize it and make it completely your own. While you'll have a wide range of plans to consider, the process is streamlined and efficient and all building costs are shared upfront so there are no surprises. 

This is a great option to consider if you love certain aspects of the model homes but want to invest in a property that gives you more creative control over the final result. 

The community offers a Signature Home Collection that includes an established portfolio of gorgeous home designs. Alongside your designer, you can build upon the framework to create a home that perfectly reflects your lifestyle. There's a dedicated Design Studio located in the community that features nearly 5,000 square feet of space to help you visualize, plan, and bring your dream home to life.

Lifestyle Visit

A great way to see all that Reynolds Lake Oconee has to offer is to schedule a Lifestyle Visit. The community offers this experience to individuals who are considering buying a property here, and your agent can help you make the arrangements. 

With this visit, you can enjoy up to three nights in one of the community's luxury cottages or at the on-site Ritz-Carlton hotel. During your stay, you'll also have access to other perks, including:

  • Two rounds of golf 
  • Two-hour boat rental on the lake
  • Meals at one of the 11 restaurants
  • Club Credit to use toward dining and merchandise
  • Personalized tour of the community, available homesites, and current listings

Day Trip Real Estate Tour

Don't have the time to browse homes over a long weekend? No problem! You can learn all about investing at Reynolds Lake Oconee by booking a Day Trip Real Estate Tour!

When you schedule this option, you can enjoy a personalized tour of the community, giving you access to available homesites and homes for sale. You can also arrange for dining and boat reservations if you want to stay and enjoy the lake a little longer.

Virtual Tour

Sometimes, the easiest and most convenient way to tour a property is to simply hop on your computer! At our real estate office, we completely understand this need. 

That's why we can help arrange a personalized virtual tour of any property that you want to learn more about at Reynolds Lake Oconee. You can also tour other parts of the community remotely, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Leasing vs. Buying at Reynolds Lake Oconee

While many families and individuals choose to purchase an investment property Reynolds Lake Oconee, it might be more cost-efficient and convenient for you to lease your home for the long term. 

The community has its own Long-Term Leasing Program that's designed specifically for this need. Whether you intend to stay for an extended period of time or you just need somewhere to stay while you're building your dream lake home, you can take advantage of this opportunity. 

The community's long-term leasing options span many different property types located throughout the grounds, including:

  • Privately owned homes
  • Condominiums
  • Cottages

The program is set up to accommodate leases as short as six months to one year or longer. Especially if you're investing in a long-term build that can take a while to complete, this is a great way to enjoy and experience Reynolds Lake Oconee before you move in!

Then, once you do take up full-time residence in your home, you can also use the leasing program to lease it out for you for periods when you may not be using the property. This is an ideal way to earn a passive rental income if you know you'll be away from your property for an extended amount of time (such as over the winter). 

Consider Property Management

Some people buy land, purchase a pre-built property, or build a home in Reynolds Lake Oconee and decide they never want to leave! If that's you, your realtor can help you find the perfect forever home for you and your family. 

Other times, people choose to invest in a home here, and then use it as mentioned above, to generate passive income. If this applies to you, then you may consider hiring a property management company to look after your home when you're not there. 

Water-wise, Georgia Power is responsible for managing the lake, shoreline, and the surrounding area. The State has guidelines and protocols in place to make sure the environment is well-protected to reduce pollution and contamination, preserve animal habitats, and help nature thrive. 

However, you may need assistance keeping up the exterior and interior of your home, making sure it's ready for anyone who stays in it. This is where a property management company can assist, handling everything from finding and screening tenants to cleaning and maintaining the grounds. 

Are You Ready to Invest at Reynolds Lake Oconee?

If you want to wake up to brilliant water views, a stunning, custom-built home, and a host of activities just yards away, then you can't go wrong with Reynolds Lake Oconee. 

This sprawling community offers something for every real estate investor, from gorgeous homesites to move-in-ready estates. Jennifer Vaughan Realtor and her team are ready to walk you through every step that leads to your dream home. 

When you're ready to take the next one, reach out to us! You can also start your property search online here.

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